4 Wonderful Sites In Asia For Scuba Diving

4 Wonderful Sites In Asia For Scuba Diving. If you are an enthusiast scuba diver, then Asia should be on top of your list due to many reasons. In Asia, there are multiple sites for scuba diving. It is a n activity in which you can go into the water for experiencing the marine life and underwater creatures. From fish to alligators, shark, whales, and many other things, you will witness some amazing underwater life with your friends and family.

4 Wonderful Sites In Asia For Scuba Diving

It is such a great activity and the places we are going to discuss for scuba dive always crowded with tourists and avid scuba diver. Long story short, Asia is a blessed continent because of having some amazing scuba dive sites and places.

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4 Wonderful Sites In Asia For Scuba Diving

Similan Islands, Thailand:

It is such an amazing site for scuba dive, no matter you are beginner or professional. If you want to give your friends or family an adventurous activity, take them to there. From October to May, you can visit this island any time because there is a maximum chance that you will interact with whale sharks or manta rays. You can also enjoy some amazing activities like paddling, kayaking, and more here. So, don’t ignore this site because it will change your life.

Layang Layang, Malaysia:

If you want to see hammerhead shark, this simply choose this place. It is a famous scuba dive place for enthusiasts in Malaysia. You will encounter with magnificent sea creatures and coral life. The best time to visit this site is from April to May. Well, if you are not interested in these activities then this place will not disappoint you because it has pristine coral gardens for you. Pick Air Arabia Code from coupon.ae and insert at the checkpoint for getting enormous concession on flight tickets and accommodation.

Tubbataha, Philippines:

It is considered as the best place to dive in. It is really bio-diverse site in the world because it is a protected marine park with amazing sites. You can reach to this site with the help of Tubbataha liveboard. Due to its isolated feature, you will feel amazing here and interact with some of the spectacular sea life. From marine animals to coral gardens, shark species, and much more, this place has much more to offer.

Banda Islands, Indonesia:

If you like remote location for scuba dive, this is one of the most spectacular sites. It is really difficult to get access because the journey is little intimidating. You will witness thousands of marine creatures like dolphins, whales, and sharks. The water is slightly warm and calming. Take benefit of Air Arabia Code for booking your tickets after collecting from coupon.ae to catch discount on travel expenditures and costs.

Tioman, Malaysia:

It is another awesome island that is in Malaysia and you should visit it as it also known as the ideal destination for scuba diving. It is situated in the Coral’s Triangle and known for its biodiversity all across the world. 

Settled on the position where Indian Ocean and Pacific meets and it is surrounded by various coral reefs and its tiger reef is what scuba divers admire a lot. Therefore, you should also consider visiting this incredible place and enjoy maximum.  

Interestingly, from 10 to 24 meters underwater, you find tiger Reef being covered in the soft and hard colourful coral, reef critters and sponges. 

It attracts a bunch of fish along with fusiliers, snapper, barracuda, batfish, black tip sharks and much more. Stop thinking anymore and consider visiting this beautiful island and make your scuba diving experience more memorable. 

Phi Phi Island:

It is situated among Phuket and mainland’s west coast. Indeed, it is the hub of 2 major dive sites such as Koh Bida Nai and Koh Bida Nok in the country. Therefore, you should consider visiting it and make sure you enjoy maximum in these ideal destinations of scuba diving.

The diving sites are protected properly by the government; hence, you have a seamless diving experience. You explore beautiful coral-enclosed walls, ideal coral gardens and different sea creatures. 

Plan a trip to these great diving sites and take your scuba diving experience to the next high level. These sites are also the ideal ones for snorkelers and experience the marine life.  You also find black tip sharks, turtles, octopus, eel, bearded, loin fish and much more. 

That is not all, you also see leopard sharks, squid, pipefish, seahorses, and sea snakes, so gear up to visit these sites and explore the beauty of this specific part of the world. 

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